Gone are the days where you can get by with a yellow pages ad and a television commercial. In an ever-changing world, social media presence has become a critical part of online and measurable success. As a vital component in your overall marketing plan, social media allows you to connect with your customers in a way that no other media format can offer.

In our experience, most people are busy running their business and rarely have time to write, much less think about social media posts. For those people social media management is a necessity. We work with you at your convenience to come up with a creative content calendar, and then we create interesting, shareable, and actionable posts.

Which social media platform is best for me?

While a wide variety of social media outlets exist, it is critical that you pick the ones that most of your target consumers are using. If you are an accountant looking for corporate clients, chances are Snapchat and Instagram aren’t your best choice for social media marketing.

In markets like Laredo, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and the Rio Grande Valley, Facebook is often a good first choice as it has a high user population in South Texas. Instagram is a great option if you are looking to attract a younger demographic as it is quickly becoming the “IT” social platform.