Trends come and go and when it comes to web design, things are no different. Here is a brief look at some trends to look out for in 2019.

  • Vibrant Colors – Sharp, bright, and brilliant colors are the thing these days, whether it is a vibrant palette or bold gradients, look for these lively colors to spice up websites this year.
  • Depth – One of the coolest trends is the addition of depth. Not necessarily virtual reality but design elements that provide the look and feel of depth. This can often be achieved by moving shapes, unique shading, and layering.
  • User Connection – As we move away from personal contact and dive into the black-mirror world of mobile devices, we are missing so much of the personal touch. Websites that are able to emulate emotion and create a bond with their users are more apt to succeed and create ongoing traffic.
  • Single Page Web Design – Web design is often cyclical and we find ourselves doing things we thought were gone the way of the dodo. Single-page web design is making a strong comeback as mobile devices and small screen tablets really work well with such designs.
  • Giant Fonts – Also known as brutalism, big dominant font designs paired with contrasting graphics are creating a splash in the design world as a few well placed, grandiose words with a solid color background is the new minimalism.
  • Old School Typefaces – Serif typefaces are coming back strong and the soft, vintage look they bring to websites is welcome by font gurus and newbie designers alike.
  • Creativity & Surrealism – More and more websites seem to be using surreal imagery to convey an artistic message. The playful graphics seem softer and more inviting to the end-user.
  • Gradients – While I personally have never been a huge fan of gradients, they seem to be the fun splash of color that many web designers and users are demanding these days.
  • Data Visualization – Simply put, info-graphics are all around us and it is understandable as they are an interesting way to present users with complex data.